2008. július 3., csütörtök

Parts of Guernsey

Now, I show you the parts of Guernsey

No. 1: Vale
No. 2: Forest
No. 3: St. Andrew
No. 4: St. Martin
No. 5: St. Peter Port
No. 6: St. Saviours
No. 7: St. Sampson
No. 8: Castel
No. 9: Torteval
No. 10: Vale

Information to driving in Guernsey

- First of all, the maximum Island speed limit is 40 mile
- Take your turn with other vehicles in joining or crossing any stream of traffic, when you see the baord " FILTER IN TURN"
- A yellow transverse line across a road denotes the exit of a minor road and means GIVE WAY
- DO NOT DRINK & DRIVE!!! Guernsey has a lot of policemen/women on the road.
- Fasten your seat belt
- If you have an accident:
Stop and do not move the car.
Call the Police on 612612 and Europcar Inter Rent on 747770 immediately.
Do NOT admit liability.

And please, BE CAREFUL!

Car hire in Guernsey

Let's have a look, what kind of car hires in Guernsey.
The all car hires you can find on the airport, but otherwhere in the island as well. But If you go to Guernsey by airplane, the easiest for you If rent there. You can find the all kind of car tipe, but the mos popular is Ford. If you would like to enjoy freedom in an exclusive prestice car, you can do it as well.
These are the less price of car hire:
Europe Car hire
Easy car
Campane Alamo

My favorite hotels

I would like to show you my favorite hotels on the island. When I lived there then I saw nearly the all hotels in Guernsey, but these hotels was the best for me. The staff, bosses and everybody was really nice, kind. The texts, what I wrote next to the pictures, I copied them from the Hotel's websites. These hotels give you an especial holiday for you.
Have a nice choosing!

Different people

In Guernsey living a lot of different people. Polish, Indian, Portugese, French and more kind of people working in hotels and restaurants. They are very good chefs, gardeners, waitress. Different culture and nationality, that's why Guernsey is very colorful island.

Le Chene Hotel

The Le Chêne Hotel in Guernsey is a popular family run hotel in the Channel Islands for those choosing a holiday to unwind and re-charge those batteries, and is also an ideal retreat for walkers and nature lovers alike.
Perfectly situated in the parish of Forest, Le Chêne Hotel makes an excellent choice for holidays or short breaks to relax. The hotel is within easy reach of the coast. The tiny sandy bay at Petit Bôt is less than 1 mile away and the walk down is very pleasant, along leafy lanes in a wooded vale.

St. Pierre Park Hotel

Welcome to the St. Pierre Park Hotel Guernsey, the only true resort hotel in the Channel Islands. Friendly hotel staff are always close at hand to provide information to help you, your family and your colleagues enjoy their stay. Tastefully appointed bedrooms and suites offer luxurious Guernsey hotel accommodation and facilities that will exceed your expectations of a 3 star Hotel.